Complete degreasing solution

100% Efficient fire extuingisher

Total cleaning solution

Energy Saving and Cost Efficient

Multi-purpose Product

Organic and biological dispersion



FOR Oil Spills


AQUAQUICK 2000 is an environmentally and user friendly water based product that is being used for a dispersant, degreaser, surfactant, and fire extinguisher. And it is suitable to biodegrade and remove all vegetable, animal, mineral, and synthetic fats, oils, and greases. AQUAQUICK 2000 has been tested and approved by multiple international independent research institutes.

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First 100% environment friendly total cleaning solution

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Twinto CZ is the official distributor for the AQUAQUICK products in Czech Republic. You can verify our distributor status at the following links: Twinto Licensed Distributor or at the Twinto Distributor Page Get in touch with us trough the following contact details below!

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Twinto CZ: +420 737 936 204

Twinto NL:+31534303003

Email: Info@twinto.cz

Sales: Sales@twinto.cz

Roy V: roy@twinto.cz

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