AQUAQUICK 2000 Benefits

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ENERGY SAVING & Cost Efficient


AQUAQUICK 2000 provides an economical solution that increases productivity by reducing downtime and decreasing expenses associated with the cleaning portion of the industry:


such as, the products cost itself, transportation of the product, storage of the product, the cost of personal protection equipment, and speeds up procedures and increases safety for employees. AQUAQUICK 2000 replaces many widely used cleaners, toxic solvents, and alkalines that will displace but not biodegrade hydrocarbons. It requires very little effort from the user in scrubbing and can be easily wiped off with a damp rag after application.

Multipurpose product

AQUAQUICK 2000 is a bioemulsifier, degreaser, hydrocarbon cleaner and oil dispersant that is water based and can be used for tank cleaning; pipe cleaning; degreasing; Rig maintenance; soil washing; cleaning of floors and equipment in the food industry; cleaning of decks, engine rooms, and bilges for ships; is safe enough to be used as a normal hand soap.

Non-Toxic to all Aquatic Organisms

AQUAQUICK 2000 in its diluted state of 1:50 which is 10mL of AQUAQUICK 2000 mixed into 1 Liter of water; can be used to clean oil spills that have covered animals and vegetation in aquatic environments.

Total Cleaning Solution


User and Environment Friendly

AQUAQUICK 2000 contains only natural ingredients with no chlorides, solvents, or alkaloids present.

100% effective fire extinguisher

AQUAQUICK 2000 is suitable to clean any hydrocarbon pollution and has been approved for cleaning products in these industries: Oil and Gas, Government Agencies, Motor and Engineering, Shipping and Marine, Aviation Industry, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage Industry, and General Cleaning Industries.

Accelerates Biodegrading of Oil

It contains a mixture of nutrients that accelerate bacteria growth in water purification plants, sewage treatment systems, and other micro-organism rich environments

Reduces Chemical Waste

AQUAQUICK 2000 bio-molecularly breaks down the cohesion of the structures of hydrocarbons by creating a micro emulsion into particles of about 3 microns. These microns and special nutrients produce an explosion of growth in the bacteria that is in the environment causing it be easily removed.

AQUAQUICK 2000 has been approved for use by Fire Departments in Jakarta, Indonesia as well in other countries as a fuel fire retardant to put out the fire and can be used to clean up the mess after.

Complying to the standards and requirements from our clients and environment authorities



Worldwide supplying of environment safe bio logical products


Applying the products correctly towards any cleaning application


No Shelf Life

This product does not have an expiration date. However, prolonged storage may cause settlement to occur. Stirring the product will allow it to attain its homogeneous mass. It is safe to continuously use this product until what you have purchased has depleted even if that is 2 or more years past purchase date. The natural ingredients in this contain there own preservatives which protect the continuity of the product for years to come.

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